Misery Index: Coffin Up The Nails

Misery Index: Coffin Up The Nails
Title: Coffin Up The Nails
Label: Morphius Records

Coffin Up the Nails" is a 12-song collection of detritus culled from the waste bins of past recording sessions. It is comprised of covers, alternate versions, demo tracks and so on, many of which were not always accessible or even heard before. As a holdover of sorts until Misery Index releases their new album in 2022, this release is intended to bookend another decade of adventures and mishaps in the their story... "When glory beckons, with no regrets!" * * * The music of Misery Index combines the most intense elements of metal with a distinct grind approach, added with a touch of hardcore and extreme punk attitude and passion, thus pushing the limits of metal with an insane mix of regressive thrashing rhythms, corrupting breakdowns & energetic ferocity. Misery Index sets no limits in their goal of making metal & grind flow together in boundless punishing assaults designed to modernize the classic death & grind metal of the early 90's drawing influence from Brutal Truth, Disrupt, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, His Hero is Gone, Bolt Thrower, Assuck and Entombed.

1.1 When Glory Beckons
1.2 Zombie Prescription
1.3 Man of Your Dreams (Feat. Rob Barrett)
1.4 I Disavow (7" Version 2020 Remix)
1.5 Wasting Away (7" Version 2020 Remix)
1.6 Primitive Future (2020 Remix)
1.7 Siberian (2018 Remix)
1.8 Thieves of the New World Order
1.9 Ghosts of Catalonia (Demo Version)
1.10 Thrown Into the Sun (Demo Version)
1.11 Traitors (Demo Version)
1.12 Conquistadores (Alternate Mix)

Misery Index: Coffin Up The Nails


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