Spinrad, Mike: It's Morning

Mike Spinrad: It&
Title: It's Morning
Label: CD Baby

IT'S MORNING is selling well in Japan. I want to thank my Japanese fans. Perhaps the recording is Nihon ni ninkigaarimasu, natsukashii no ongaku. Here are what the reviewers say: Mike Spinrad's IT'S MORNING is a pleasurable, remarkable new CD release. It has a sense of melodic peacefulness about it that carries over into it's lively feel of contemporary jazz musings! An original outing, Mike Spinrad on drums is accompanied by Fred Zimmerman on piano and Cindy Browne on acoustic bass. This is a together trio with outstanding solo work; the performers compliment each other in their joint journeys. There are 12 selections on the CD....Each song soars with good jazz performance work. Zimmerman's 'Fred's Sunday Blues' is bound to catch all jazz listeners' attention with it's unusual tempo and Spinrad's minor-key bossa nova 'Parnasah' will surprise and delight any jazz listener with it's bittersweet jazzy sounds! 'For Joe' and 'Maxy' and 'The Mahn' also present complex interpretations that please! There is not a sour note among any of the selections in this collection! All notes are on cue and lovely to jazz along with, and something to return to often. Zimmerman's elegant stylings are among the best heard today in contemporary jazz recordings. The solo performances of Cindy Browne and Mike Spinrad sparkle with creativity! The music is original and it is good! If you enjoy trio music, the combined efforts of Spinrad, Zimmerman, and the very gifted Cindy Browne on acoustic bass will both surprise and enchant you when IT'S MORNING. Excellent jazz. Buy a copy today! Reviewed by: Lee Prosser, Jazz At A Glance, Volume 108 __ Review: It's Morning The disc conveys the sheer fun in music-making experienced by the trio, not to mention the excitement they can generate when they are 'hitting on all cylinders' in tunes such as Zimmerman's 'Fred's Sunday Blues.' Reviewed by John R. Raush, Percussive Notes.

1.1 It's Morning
1.2 Maxy
1.3 Blues for C
1.4 Parnasah
1.5 Fred's Sunday Blues
1.6 For Joe
1.7 Red Samba
1.8 S'vivon
1.9 The Mahn
1.10 Shooting Baskets
1.11 Sunbreeze
1.12 Mommy

Spinrad, Mike: It's Morning

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