Procyshyn, Mike: And the Comfort in Ghosts

Mike Procyshyn: And the Comfort in Ghosts
Title: And the Comfort in Ghosts
Artist: Procyshyn, Mike
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884502007657
Genre: Folk

During years of meandering through local bands and projects, Mike Procyshyn has maintained his acoustic based music, songs that normally didn't fit into the context of the groups he was in. In the past year Mike has been bringing his solo music into a larger focus. Performing throughout Kenora and surrounding area for over ten years, Mike has raised his profile among local and out of town acts. His newest recording, 'Mike Procyshyn & the Comfort in Ghosts', was started with friend and drummer Brett Hager in early 2008. Using songs demoed in the Winter, 'Side A' features Brett on drums, and long time crony Mitch Dobson on bass. The bed tracks were done with live bass and drums off the floor onto cassette four-track, with overdubs added later via computer based software. Matt Chapeskie was on hand to lay down some much needed banjo tracks. 'Side B' is acoustic material Mike had demoed during a week in the summer spent in a family owned cabin. Songs Mike wanted to have presented in a more raw and direct fashion true to the demos. Using the skills accrued as a multi-instrumentalist in the Quietophobics, Mike switched from guitar, banjo, to 70's synths, harmonica, violin, to approach the overdubs. Riley St. Hilaire came in for several days in November to lay down cello and trumpet, while shortly after Colleen Doerksen entered Mike's home studio to guest on '23 Meteor st.'. The Comfort in Ghosts are a loose group of musicians Mike has managed to put together through begging and cajoling. They include: Brett Hager, Matt Chapeskie, Colleen Doerksen, Mitch Dobson, & Riley St. Hilaire.

1.1 Mondays
1.2 Awkward
1.3 Photos
1.4 Better
1.5 So Close
1.6 Carolyna
1.7 Maggie
1.8 Thunder Bay
1.9 Instinct
1.10 Alcohol
1.11 Keewatin Bridge
1.12 Absinthe
1.13 23 Meteor St
1.14 Deviate

Procyshyn, Mike: And the Comfort in Ghosts


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