Reiser, Michael: Sole Passion & Martini Cinci

Michael Reiser: Sole Passion & Martini Cinci
Title: Sole Passion & Martini Cinci
Artist: Reiser, Michael
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261304007
Genre: Jazz

A smooth blend of trumpet with guitar and keyboard background amidst smooth avenues of jazz in Album 1 of this double album, 'Sole Passion' . The second album, 'Martini Cinci's' late night soulful appeal; a journey you've dreamed!

1.1 Skyways
1.2 How Can I Tell You
1.3 Open Road
1.4 Passenger
1.5 Sole Passion
1.6 Nova Bossa
1.7 1st Time
1.8 Martini Cinci
1.9 Base on Mars
1.10 Arrived
1.11 As High
1.12 So Strong

Reiser, Michael: Sole Passion & Martini Cinci


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