Meerkats: Curse of the Hearse

Meerkats: Curse of the Hearse
Title: Curse of the Hearse
Label: CD Baby

Meerkats spent a couple of years in the woodshed writing these tunes and partying like fools. The shed really was a great rehearsal space,located on a secret farm in Eastern Iowa. In this square room that was carpeted from floor to walls to ceiling, Meerkats bashed out tunes as they drink and fought. Now for the first time ever, you can get this CD on CDBaby. The tunes were recorded in Iowa City at John Svec\'s Minstrel Studio with Dave Burlingame doing most of the engineering. Recorded onto 1/2\' analog tape, you\'ll notice a warm pleasant tone missing from many of todays self-released records. It really is an interesting and diverse record, with three songwriters contributing. Kyle Oyloe who was the groups\' newest member on guitar and vocals, Joel McDowell on bass and vocals, and Brook Hoover who plays guitar and sings. Erik Marshall is the drummer. A really nice blend of pop,old school punk and artsy sci-fi lyrics and guitar work. With sixteen tunes, it\'s a great package. Download a couple of tunes or snag the whole bag!

1.1 Fell Off the Train - Meerkats, Hoover, Brook
1.2 Invisible Stain - Meerkats, Oyloe, Kyle
1.3 Time to Kill - Meerkats, McDowell, Joel
1.4 Gotta Be a Ninja - Meerkats, Oyloe, Kyle
1.5 You Are Such a Trip - Meerkats, Hooever, Brook
1.6 I Fell in Love with a Teenage Vampire - Meerkats, Hoover, Brook
1.7 Better Living Through Chemistry - Meerkats, Oyloe, Kyle
1.8 Death Fly Fishin' - Meerkats, Oyloe, Kyle
1.9 Bossman - Meerkats, McDowell, Joel
1.10 Rise - Meerkats, Hoover, Brook
1.11 Bondage Baby - Meerkats, Hoover, Brook
1.12 Telescope Ear - Meerkats, Oyloe, Kyle
1.13 Sugar Buzz - Meerkats, Hoover, Brook
1.14 Punk Rock Kid - Meerkats, Hoover, Brook
1.15 Gomer Pyle Was a Comedic Genius - Meerkats, Oyloe, Kyle
1.16 Beer Guzzlin' Swine - Meerkats, Hoover, Brook

Meerkats: Curse of the Hearse

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