McKenzie Creek Band: McKenzie Creek Band

McKenzie Creek Band: McKenzie Creek Band
Title: McKenzie Creek Band
Label: CD Baby

The new EP by McKenzie Creek Band is made up of four new songs written by David McKenzie and showcasing the talents of six new members to the band. This new McKenzie Creek Band almost invents a new genre called 'Optimistic Blues' saying, 'Life and love may be on the skids but things will get better.' Doug Cisler on lead guitar adds burning guitar licks reminiscent of great guitar players like Jimmy Page. Tad Brockway on bass guitar and John Bussard on drums provide the rock solid rhythm foundation every band needs. Brian Anderson on keyboard rounds out the band with a melodic and smooth touch. Mindee Anderson and Brooklyn McKenzie's background vocals are a perfect blend with David's lead vocals. The song 'I Don't Have the Time' shows David putting his foot down to a cheating lover. Doug's guitar leads rock and with Brian's honkytonk piano they give the song that classic rock'n roll sound. 'Changing My Tune' is all rock'n roll but with a little country crossover feel to it. David does a little thing that has affectionately become known as the 'Mac Scat'. Brian works over time on this tune. He plays piano and then we put him to work on the drums. The background vocals of Mindee and Brooklyn carry the song to the end. 'Remember My Name' is the hardest hitting song on the EP. Tad has double duty on the bass in this song as John keeps the pounding rhythms solid. Doug's powerful guitar solos are the kind that any air guitarist would want to have in their arsenal. David has spent many years on the streets of Seattle as well as other cities around the world. David has seen the side of life that others look away from. This has been the insperation that led to the song 'Fields of Velvet'. This song is a social commentary on todays issues reminiscent of the themes found in songs by Bob Dylan. The acoustic guitars and blend of percussions provided by John and Brian give the song that full sound like the songs of the turbulant '60's. This latest EP by the new McKenzie Creek Band is a must have to complete your MCB collection. The songs are the kind you'll want to hear over and over and share them with your friends.

1.1 I Don't Have the Time
1.2 I'm Changing My Tune
1.3 Remember My Name
1.4 Fields of Velvet

McKenzie Creek Band: McKenzie Creek Band

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