Stuart, Matthew Alan: Magic Voyage from Stress to Serenity

Matthew Alan Stuart: Magic Voyage from Stress to Serenity
Title: Magic Voyage from Stress to Serenity
Label: CD Baby

Imagine your destination in 30 minutes!: well being, health,happiness, inspiration, energy, effortless flow, self love & balance, single minded focus & clarity *Awaken & strengthen your inner child *Enhance meditation practice *Shift into miracle thinking *Find calm in the chaos Invest $19.95 and 30 minutes for a new calmer you 'Magic Voyage' is a musical meditation based on the ancient art of mantra meditation. It is designed to help the listener reach a state of deep rest - a state where we enter the realm of all good possibilities. 'Magic Voyage' features the 'Magic Voyage Suite' by contemporary new age composer Matthew Alan Stuart - beautiful, ethereal, and mystical musical themes over the soothing sound of the ocean. MAGIC VOYAGE from STRESS to SERENITY MAGIC VOYAGE audio CD will change your life safely and effortlessly in 30 minutes a day for 30 days. You can find that inner peace you have been craving merely by listening to it while working, playing, sleeping or driving your car. Imagine how you would feel when you are connected to the larger part of your mind which effortlessly keeps your body functioning without any conscious effort on your part. Listening to MAGIC VOYAGE for 30 minutes a day for 30 days with your eyes closed, headphones and not falling asleep will effortlessly take your mind to a level that takes meditators 20 years to achieve. Achieve single minded focus & greater clarity in 30 minutes. •Immediate results MAGIC VOYAGE creates states of deep meditation and gives you the benefits of long-term, deep meditation. The results are instant meditation without the time or effort. •Dramatically lowers stress and reduces or eliminates anxiety. •Feel good now and create new levels of self-awareness and inner peace. •Save time & $$ Programs similar to the technology used in the MAGIC VOYAGE sell for hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars and require much more discipline to get any results. •Get started today on a new positive you for only $19.95.

1.1 Magic Voyage Suite

Stuart, Matthew Alan: Magic Voyage from Stress to Serenity

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