Hari, Mata: Studio Anthology & Live!

Mata Hari: Studio Anthology & Live!
Title: Studio Anthology & Live!
Artist: Hari, Mata
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 801026811225
Genre: Rock

1.1 Hard Look in the Mirror
1.2 Rumours
1.3 Worlds Apart
1.4 Said in Vain
1.5 Never Ending Search
1.6 Power to Make a Difference
1.7 Lost in Sight (Not in Mind)['93 Version]
1.8 The Promise
1.9 You Only Live Once
1.10 Fatal Attraction
1.11 Messed Up World
1.12 Touch the Sky (Rest of Our Lives)
1.13 Social Disgrace
1.14 Lost in Sight (Not in Mind)['91 Version]
2.1 Hard Look in the Mirror[Live]
2.2 The Promise[Live]
2.3 Race of the Mind*[Live]
2.4 Rumours[Live]
2.5 Said in Vain[Live]
2.6 Timeless Reminder*[Live]
2.7 You Only Live Once[Live]
2.8 When Morning Comes*[Live]
2.9 Worlds Apart[Live]
2.10 Face to Remember*[Live]
2.11 One Extreme to Another*[Live]

Hari, Mata: Studio Anthology & Live!


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