Kaye, Mary: Spin Your Web

Mary Kaye: Spin Your Web
Title: Spin Your Web
Label: CD Baby

(Produced by Chris Magruder, Aaron Z. Katz, Mary Kaye/Mastered by Jeff Lipton) Publishers Weekly (Listen-Up Awards) picks 'Spin Your Web' as one of the best children's music recordings of 2006 'Maine musician Kaye writes wonderful songs that nail the details of a child's experience and imagination.' - Glenn Whipp, LA Daily News, October 19, 2006 '...Maine-based Kaye lures listeners with a catchy, predominantly folk-rock sound and then introduces them to a crew of distinctive characters via her story-like lyrics...' -Publishers Weekly, starred review, March 20, 2006 'Mary Kaye's lovely voice spins 13 creative, original songs on this third album...These songs scintillate with variety and pizzazz...This spirited album will be a welcome addition to all library collections for young children.' - School Library Journal, July 2006 "Spin Your Web featuring the musical talents of child inspiringly gifted and original artist Mary Kaye is an impressively produced collection of encouraging and intimate songs. Introducing it's young listeners to an entertaining confluence of lyrics and musical rhythm, Spin Your Web, inspires as it stimulates the minds and imaginations of it's young listeners...' - Midwest Book Review, April 2006 '...Creative, uniquely kid-friendly adventure...Mary Kaye quite obviously gets kids, cleverly seeking out the angles that deliver the goods to a child's world...' - Eric Thom, Today's Parent Toronto, August 2006 '...Spin Your Web is Kaye's newest CD and is an absolute must...also for adults. This is one of those rare albums where, if you are a parent, you will be glad if your child wants to hear the songs a hundred times...' -Moors Magazine (The Netherlands), September 2006 '...Celebrates childhood with energetic folk-rock tunes about partying pigs, porcupines, Halloween, and the tribulations of being a kid...' -Dirty Linen, April/May 2008 'Fresh, fun music...Spin Your Web...is one CD you'll want to have on hand for that four-hour drive to the lake. Kaye's engaging original songs focus on concepts that interest and entertain children like spiders, shadows, and getting dressed. Her voice is surprisingly rich and earthy...which makes the entire CD a real treat for adults too...' - Amy Davis, Cool Mom Picks, July 2006 "Parents who are fans of 10,000 Maniacs and Natalie Merchant will love the new Spin Your Web CD by Mary Kaye. It's music for you w/lyrics for your kids!...The first time I played Spin Your Web my son said, 'I love this CD!' " - Becky Holdstock, Mommies With Style, October 2006 'Mary Kaye makes music for children that is just as delightful for parents to hear. She has a very soulful voice which dances along with the quirky and beautiful original children's songs. Her third album, Spin Your Web, is vibrant and life affirming for people of all ages...' - Drew Mulkins, TheCelebrityCafe.com, August 2006 'Kaye's voice is comparable at times to contemporary pop musicians such as Tori Amos or Sarah McLachlan, but I doubt you'd hear either of those ethereal divas singing songs about porcupines, pigs, skeletons, soup or blueberries...' - Kevin Oliver, Palmetto Parent, South Carolina, June 2006 '...I think I'd sum up Spin Your Web like this: imagine if you went to Lilith Fair, and they had a daycare stage. This is the kind of music that I'd expect to hear emanating from that stage...' - Josh Chasin, A Penny's Worth, August 2006 'Once in a great while you will be lucky enough to come across a new artist that instantly gets added to the permanent collection of favorites. Mary Kaye's Spin Your Web is just such an album, an eclectic, diverse celebration of music for kids that is impossible to listen to without dancing...' - Andrew Beatty, Kindie Rock (Canada), September 2006 '...If I were one to edit home movies of my daughter into little art films, 'Blueberry Dreams' would be the soundtrack.' -AJ, Thingamababy.com, September 2006 (Dr. Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy 'Product of Excellence', NAPPA Honors, Parent to Parent 'Adding Wisdom Award', FAB Award of Excellence, Creative Child Magazine 'Seal of Excellence', Children's Music Web Award 'Best Song For Toddlers/Babies')

1.1 Spin Your Web
1.2 B. B. Dickinson
1.3 Shadow
1.4 Pig Party
1.5 Porcupine Path
1.6 Child
1.7 The Skeleton Song
1.8 Let's Get Dressed
1.9 Ten Robins
1.10 Waiting
1.11 Building a Ladder
1.12 Soup
1.13 Blueberry Dreams

Kaye, Mary: Spin Your Web

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