Finn, Marty: And This Moment

Marty Finn, PhD: And This Moment
Title: And This Moment
Artist: Finn, Marty
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501372442
Genre: Spoken

You are invited to experiment with the meditations on this disc to find the times of day for practice that best suit the rhythms of your life, and the meditation segments that best fit each day. In the beginning, the suggestion is to practice the Body Scan daily. After a week or two, you might leave the Body Scan for awhile and begin to practice Mindfulness of the Breath. This can be expanded by adding Mindfulness of Breath and Body, and/or Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts. You might find it helpful to return to the Body Scan from time to time. The Three-Minute Breathing Space is intended for informal use throughout the day.

1.1 Body Scan Meditation
1.2 Mindfulness of the Breath
1.3 Mindfulness of Breath and Body
1.4 Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts
1.5 Three-Minute Breathing Space

Finn, Marty: And This Moment


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