Marshall Plan Kids: Marshall Plan Kids

Marshall Plan Kids: Marshall Plan Kids
Title: Marshall Plan Kids
Label: CD Baby

The Marshall Plan Kids started as a duet by George Panagiotakopoulos and Pavlo Vacatatsis in New York in 1985. They recorded a collection of songs under the title 'Life in the Den of Thieves' and independently released in cassette format (1987). After a 6 year hiatus they reunite in Athens, Greece and along with some old friends they record a ten song CD. The group from a duet evolves to a 7 piece combo (Nicos Doikas on bass, Akis Perdikis on drums, Vassilis Spiropoulos on guitar, Nikos Spiropoulos on keyboards and guitar, Constantin Hliavoras on guitar. George played keyboards and did the sound Engineering and Pavlo wrote the songs and did the singing. In addition to all that they are joined in the studio (Syn Ena) by Tina Bell (vocals) and Antonis Liberidis (guitar). The CD was named 'Up & Out in Athens' and was released by Antithesis Records of S.Carolina. Last year the group recorded and released a same title album which was released in March of 2000 by Green Cookie Records. This album was recorded in New York City between May and October of '99. HERE ARE SOME PRODUCTION NOTES: 'Ten o'clock Funk': This is an up-tempo funky song that after two minutes turns into a ' Bo Diddley ' beat. Jeff Venhoe played all the trumpet parts and Rob Susman all trombone parts. Yianni Courbetis laid all keyboards and Constantin Hliavoras all 6-string guitars. Jeff Kraus was on drums and Jay Elfenbein on bass. Pavlo Vacatatsis did all vocals and played 12-string electric. 'Riot in Heaven': Here is a melodic rock tune with Jeff on drums, Jay on bass and Constantin on lead guitar. Pavlo did the rest. 'How Deep Can you Sleep?': A fast (almost) country 2-beat, commenting on last Spring's idiotic events in Kosovo... Jeff and Jay on the rhythm section, Constantin on lead guitar, Yianni on keys and Pavlo on the remainder. 'Always Upstream': A medium paced country - flavored ballad. As always Jeff and Jay on the rhythm section, Constantin on multiple electric guitar layers, Yianni on keyboards and Pavlo on acoustic guitars and vocals. 'I Wasted Years': Celtic atmosphere created by Kim Laskowski on Bassoon and Recorders, Jay on Viola da Gamba and Double Bass, Yianni on accordion, Zaharis Kalaintzis on Percussion and Pavlo on acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals. 'Blind Alley': This is a 3/4 acoustic ballad with a beautiful Viola da Gamba part played by Jay Elfenbein who also played the bass track. Acoustic guitar and vocals by Pavlo. 'Souls Like You': An acoustic guitar ballad. Constantin played the lead part, Zaharis played the congas and Pavlo provided the rhythm guitar, the bass, the vocals and additional percussion. 'No More J-Walking': Jeff used brushes for this rockabilly song. Jay on acoustic bass, Yianni on piano, Constantin on acoustic guitar and Pavlo sang and played the organ and the electric guitar. 'Northern Winds': An acoustic balad with some electronic effects. Jeff and Jay on the rhythm section with Pavlo doing the rest. 'Every Time you Hear a Horn': A 6/8 blues tune where Rob plays an interesting trombone part. Constantin plays the guitar, Yanni the keyboards, Pavlo is on vocals and harmonica, and as always Jeff and Jay on the Rhythm section. 'Justice ain't Blind...': ...when the jury is deaf ! Constantin on lead guitar, Jeff and Jay on the rhythm section and Pavlo on vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboards. 'Fly Away': This balad is dedicated to the memory of a lost friend. Pavlo sings and plays electric, acoustic and keyboards, backed by Jeff and Jay. A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE PLAYERS: The performances of Jay Elfenbein (Bass, Viola da Gamba), have been described by the N.Y. Times as 'virtuosic... played magnificently' and 'with virtuosic flair'. A graduate of Juliard he has performed with both early and modern orchestras such as St. Luke's, Boston Baroque, Concert Royal, Handel and Haydn Society, and the American Symphony, and has appeared as a gamba soloist in both Bach Passions throughout the Northeastern United States. He has recorded for Sony Classics, CBS, PGM and Newport Classics among others. Constantin Hiliavoras (Lead Guitar): is a GIT (Los Angeles ) graduate and in the past 20 years has performed with rock bands in New York City . He has recorded for EMI, FM, and Antithesis Records. He participated with Pavlo Vacatatsis in the recording of 'Up and Out in Athens ' album. ( Athens 1993). Zaharis Kalaitzis (Percussion): is a World Music follower and has performed with numerous Ethnic bands in New York City. Yianni Kourbetis (Keyboards): (graduate of City College in Composition) has performed in the past with the New York based group 'Megaton '. Jeff Kraus (Drums): (graduate of Manhattan School of Music) has been performing for thirty years working with many of the century's musical icons . Lucas Foss, George Crumb, Frank Zappa, Steve Reich, Aretha Franklin, Tonny Bennet and Dave Brubeck form a partial list of his eclectic endeavors. Last year he toured Japan with the 'New York Ragtime Orchestra' and performed with 'New Band' in London's Barbicon Center. This year he is performing with Dave Brubeck . Recordings : Nonesuch, Columbia,Golden Crest, Tomato,CRI, Opus One and Phillips. Kim Laskowski (Bassoon - Recorder): is a Juliard graduate and attended the Paris Conservatoir on a Fulbright scholarship. She presently is a member of the NY City Ballet Orchestra and is the principal of the New York Chamber Symphony. She has made numerous recordings (including 2 platinum records with the band '10,000 Maniacs') and has performed with The Moody Blues, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Tonny Bennet, Cab Calloway, Aaron Neville and Sting among others. Rob Susman (Trombone): has performed with Latin stars La India and Frankie Ruiz, and jazz artist Chico O'Farrill at major music festivals all over the world. He has also performed with rock legends Jay and the Americans as well as the Orchestra for the School of the American Ballet. He is teaching at New York University. Jeff Venho (trumpet): is a Juliard graduate and member of the 'Paragon Ragtime Orchestra'. He has performed with various jazz artists in New York's Village Vanguard and Blue Note clubs and on Broadway Musicals. Pavlo Vacatatsis (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica): has been writing songs for the past 30 years. He has performed in the early eighties with the rock band 'Missing Page' in New York City and with 'Spyridoula' in Greece (1982). Previous Albums : 'Strength of Materials' (1979), 'Nylon Defia & Psofia Kefia '(1982), 'Life in the Den of Thieves'(1986), 'Up and Out in Athens ' (1993), 'Dry winds in the Bowery '(1997), Laid down train (2002)

1.1 10 O Clock Funk
1.2 No More Jaywalking
1.3 Everytime You Hear the Horns
1.4 Riot in Heaven
1.5 Souls Like You
1.6 Blind Alley
1.7 How Deep Can You Sleep
1.8 Always Upstream
1.9 Northen Winds
1.10 Justice Ain't Blind (When the Jury Is Deaf)
1.11 Fly Away
1.12 I Wasted Years

Marshall Plan Kids: Marshall Plan Kids

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