Lindsay, Mark: Life Out Loud

Mark Lindsay: Life Out Loud
Title: Life Out Loud
Label: CD Baby

LIFE OUT LOUD We cut this project to 2" tape using as much good stuff as possible - tube mics, equalizers, compressors, limiters, etc. I sang live with the band as the tracks went down. We fully intended to overdub and mix as usual, but when I listened to the rough mixes off the tape machine, I was blown away. These were all first takes, and sometimes when the band is still "walking the line" and you're listening to the next guy, 'cause you're not sure what YOU'RE doing, you get in the moment....and the magic mojo happens. I decided to keep these first take vocals and not re-do them. They are far from perfect, but there is something very real about them. So, we ended up with the rough mixes as the master tape, and overdubbed background and harmony vocals, the lead guitars, percussion, some saxes, and a little harp. On a couple of cuts you can hear me cueing the band from the vocal booth (the bathroom, in this case) as we were going down live. You can also hear an amp or two buzzing, some off-mic talking, and a few other extraneous sounds which couldn't be cleaned up unless we remixed. But I was not about to mess with what we had. So here it is, just like it went down on 7 days in May at the House of Vibes, Highland Park, N.J. Warts and all. ML LIFE OUT LOUD Like thousands of other people, I grew up listening to that great Rock & Roll voice of Mark Lindsay. When I first started working with Mark my mission was to get him rocking again like he did when he was 19. As we were recording LOL, Mark let out a scream at the end of 'Show Me The Love' that literally blew the headphones off of bass player Mike Caruso's head. At that precise moment I realized I had reached my goal. Thank you Mark for singing your ass off and making me feel like I'm 19 again. - Gar Francis ** Listeners Beware: Headphones may explode while playing this album.**.

1.1 Baby Come Back
1.2 Easy Street
1.3 Everything About You
1.4 Rainy Day Children
1.5 Ghost of a Girl
1.6 Like Nothing That You've Seen
1.7 Let's Fly Away
1.8 I Can't Slow Down
1.9 Don't Stop
1.10 Rush on You
1.11 New Thing
1.12 Show Me the Love
1.13 Poco Loco Crazy
1.14 Merry Go Round

Lindsay, Mark: Life Out Loud

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