Dwane, Mark: Nefilim

Mark Dwane: Nefilim
Title: Nefilim
Label: CD Baby

'This signed, numbered limited edition is Mark's fifth and most ambitious release. It is the culmination of three years of studio work and, after a couple of careful listens stands out as his best to date. Incredibly strong compositions and well developed tracks of varying tempos retain his recognizable sound while adding new dimensions too. Mark generates all of his sounds through MIDI Guitar and he captures sci-fi space music and cruiser rocket styles like no other. These treasures are well worth it.' -- Lloyd Barde / Backroads Music 'Imagery and imagination have much to do with absorbing the surrealistic soundscapes and inner/outer space journeys of Mark Dwane. He customarily hints at the inspiration behind his albums via song and album titles, liner notes and artwork. THE NEFILIM is no exception in this regard, cast by liner note excerpts from Breaking The Godspell by Neil Freer, in which Freer discusses the theory of humankind's evolution through extraterrestrial gene splicing. From that impressionistic launching pad we're treated to Dwane's alternately mysterious, awe-inspiring and playfully relaxing works of aural cinematography. Dwane does it all on MIDI Guitar. These multi-voiced compositions can assume a symphonic quality with little in way of overt melodic themes, though harmonic nuances abound. With titles like Lifeforms, Synthetic Species, and Genetic Drift, you know you're in for a musical trip to that little corner of your mind where old X-Files episodes happily reside in repeat mode.' -- John Collinge / Progression Magazine 'With this 1998 release (a 47 minute-long Limited Edition CD), Dwane examines the concept of the origins of human intellect as a result of extraterrestrial intervention. The emphasis here, though, is not upon that actual intervention. Dwane focuses his instrumental expressions on the aspect that our species has evolved to a technological standpoint of near equality with these extraterrestrial 'gods' (or Nefilim). Human consciousness has reached a stage where our own accomplishments rival those of our alien progenitors, transforming ourselves into the new Nefilim. Consisting of powerful yet gentle melodies, this electronic music stimulates the mind with subtle effect, prompting a restfulness that recharges the listener's own creative juices. The electronics moan and sweep with emotional content, boosting the listener's spirits in celebration of this scientific evolution. Soothing E-perc adds a suitably relaxed tempo to the tuneage, keeping the percussives as accompaniment rather than a driving force. There is profuse use of quasi-harp tones which lend a lighthearted heavenly quality to the harmonics. The frequent presence of wind as a bridge between songs enhances that heavenly aspect, firmly establishing the performing stage on majestic cloudbanks. Dwane's compelling compositions filter through these lofty mists like the radiant beams of a glorious sunrise, dosing the landscape with benign riffs and shrewd rhythms. The dominant factor in this music is the resultant sense of awe, delivered to the listener with each chord and sustained note.' -- Matt Howarth / Space.com 'Mark Dwane is one musician whose style is uniquely his own. He performs entirely on MIDI guitar, which is capable of producing sounds that are comparable to what you get with a synthesizer. Finally, Mark Dwane appears to have reached perfection. THE NEFILIM is an outstanding release with absolutely no weak spots. The MIDI guitarist strikes again! Very solid work.' -- Wind And Wire 'Mark Dwane finally returns with a new CD and it picks up where PARADIGM SHIFT left off. Basing most of his music around his guitar synthesizer, Dwane unleashes arcing skyscraper melodies and elaborate orchestrations. THE NEFILIM are supposedly an alien race who populated the earth. This is a Limited Edition CD of only 3000. So get your copy soon of one of the Top 10 Essential Echodiscs of 1998.' -- Echoes 'Solo space music acts are proliferating left and right on this shore and in Europe due in part to the availability of cheap keyboards and affordable recording technology. It's also a way for composers to quickly get down their work and sculpt a piece which sometimes may retain value in of itself. In contrast, regional artists are given independence and propensity for creating valid statements often alone and unaccompanied which stand up to any major label efforts. Mark Dwane is NOT the former of these trends, which I am happy to relate. THE NEFILIM is his fifth disc in a critically acclaimed catalog rooted in space, scientific, and Mythological related themes. Dwane has created six warm, textural representations of a god-like race within a MIDI framework, which holds your attention span and also evokes images of exotic foreign frontiers. The composer is an avowed guitarist who uses a combination of guitar triggered setups together with an array of modern synths to build memorable lush motifs. Dwane has a keen ear toward use of dynamics and melody, which he has been refining across his four previous works. At times the disc sounds like a very good soundtrack accompaniment to a quality sci-fi program like Babylon 5 (which does not mean it's cheesy). On the opening track, The Genesis Engram, the guitarist uses a mournful MIDI lead across swelling choir settings to create a sense of desperation or longingness. The disc would find a welcome home on the German label ErdenKlang.' -- Expose Magazine.

1.1 Genesis Engram
1.2 Lifeforms
1.3 Nefilim
1.4 Splice
1.5 Synthetic Species
1.6 Genetic Drift

Dwane, Mark: Nefilim

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