Man: Anachronism Tango

Man: Anachronism Tango
Artist: Man
Title: Anachronism Tango

In 1983 Man re-formed to head out on the road playing gigs and recording again. The line-up included Deke Leonard, Mickey Jones, Martin Ace and former Gentle Giant drummer John Weathers. One notable gig was a concert at the world-famous Marquee Club to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the venue.  This concert was filmed then subsequently released on video and in edited form as the album Friday The Thirteenth.  Man didn't just concentrate on the live circuit although they were becoming increasingly popular; also recorded a number of excellent studio albums.  These included The Twang Dynasty and Call Down The Moon.  Man continue to perform both in the UK and abroad, and with Martin Ace leading from the front, it is full steam ahead with this extraordinary new album

1.1 Too Much Too Soon
1.2 Still in Love and Trembling
1.3 Manor Farm
1.4 The Holy Flame of Freedom
1.5 Walking on a Tightrope with Nowhere to Fall
1.6 Isaac Newtons Gravitational Shuffle
1.7 To Sing Rave on
1.8 Halfway Up the Hill
1.9 Chains of Sleep
1.10 Special Education

Man: Anachronism Tango

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