Madi Sato: Madi Sato

Madi Sato: Madi Sato
Title: Madi Sato
Label: CD Baby

From My Soul, Out Of My Control . . . I Sing I'm Japanese/American and grew up in the rural South. I'm a country girl at heart. I've been writing and singing songs since I was a little girl in the woods of Tennessee. Music for me then was a way to deal with the death of my father, the challenges of looking Asian in a pre-dominantly white culture, the struggle of being in poverty and the gypsy lifestyle my family lived. The songs I write and sing tell of my personal experiences. Ever since I was a little girl splashing barefoot in the creek, I've used my voice and the written word to help deal with the sometimes overpowering emotions and inner struggles. I was very shy and self conscious and tried my best to fit in but never quite did. I used to hang out underneath a Willow tree where I would compose the songs from my soul and sing the songs in my heart. It was a place of comfort and solace. I heard melodies in the wind and the rhythm of the creek; I heard lyrics in the silence. I consider the rhythms in nature and the silence within to be my truest inspiration to become a singer and composer of songs. Never formally taught how to sing and didn't even listen to the radio until I was in high school. Music comes from a Divine place and I feel that I was chosen to receive messages through music. My struggles have changed their appearance but are still a part of my music now. Currently, I am questioning all of my belief systems. Especially about the labels that Americans feel they must put on a man's soul. Music for me is a way of healing my soul and others, it's about being authentic and standing up for me and how I feel, and it's a way to communicate with all on the same level regardless of race, economic status or age. I've explored the few genres of American music and even recorded an album of my favorite jazz, blues and country songs but am now inspired and interested in traditional music of the ancient cultures. Life is all about exploration and music gives me life. Bio The deeply felt lyrical emotion and down-to-earth beats of rhythm 'n blues can be found in abundance whenever Madi Sato lifts her voice in song. With a voice that bespeaks her Southern upbringing and is at once both pure and raw, Ms. Sato's combination of emotional intensity and technical proficiency communicates itself to listeners immediately. Whether it's a selection from her own catalog of originals, or one of the carefully selected tunes from the worlds of r 'n b, traditional and electric blues or jazz standards at which she also excels, Ms. Sato delivers the music in her heart directly to your soul. Factor in the beauty, physical grace and the sheer flair for the dramatic that she brings to each performance, and it all adds up to a stunning experience. Sato's father was a scholar from Japan, who died at 33. Her mother is a singer and songwriter from North Carolina, who introduced her to jazz and blues music at a young age. Upon the death of her father, the family struggled to survive in the South and at one point lived in a tent in the Tennessee woods. It was there that Sato remembers chasing the fireflies in the hills, singing the songs her mother taught her. They gave her the strength to survive. Upon her arrival in Santa Fe when she was sixteen, Ms. Sato began to study dance, music and the world of theater. Eventually, she decided to focus her efforts on singing and songwriting.

1.1 Lady Pearl
1.2 Love This Way
1.3 Breathe
1.4 Remember
1.5 Rising Sun
1.6 Already Gone
1.7 Madi
1.8 One Moment
1.9 River
1.10 Warrior
1.11 Butterfly

Madi Sato: Madi Sato

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