Mabuhay Singers: Halina't Umawit

Mabuhay Singers: Halina&
Title: Halina't Umawit
Label: CD Baby

MABUHAY means many things... long life...a good life...enjoyment of life, in other words to give life. And this multiple significance is best exemplified by the country's topnotch sing-a-long group who call themselves the "Mabuhay Singers" demonstrating their versatility with varied tempos and rhythms and many other musical forms so typically Philippine. "Halina't Umawit" is a significant album of Philippine sing-a-long tunes. Highlights of this prized collection are the lilting "Lawiswis Kawayan", the playful "Leron Leron Sinta", the caressing "Carinosa, the amorous "Sinisinta Kita", the precocious "Paruparong Bukid", the picturesque "Sarung-Banggi", and other delightful enchanting native melodies. Play this exciting sing-a-long CD at your parties and informal gatherings and, in no time at all, you'll find the Mabuhay Singers setting off a lively get-together atmosphere. "Halina't Umawit" is a "must" to music pleasure seekers everywhere, particularly those of you who love to sing-a-long with all those favorite songs of our country.

1.1 Lawiswis Kawayan
1.2 Leron Leron Sinta
1.3 Carinosa
1.4 Aking Bituin
1.5 Chit-Chirit-Chit
1.6 Kataka-Taka
1.7 Sinisinta Kita
1.8 Paruparong Bukid
1.9 Halina't Magsaya
1.10 Tugtuging Bukid
1.11 Sarung-Banggi
1.12 Sa Libis NG Nayon

Mabuhay Singers: Halina't Umawit

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