Spremulli, Ma: Voice Aerobics Songbirds

Ma Spremulli: Voice Aerobics Songbirds
Title: Voice Aerobics Songbirds
Artist: Spremulli, Ma
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261861883
Genre: Spoken

Created by a speech-languae pathologist, Voice Aerobics Songbirds provides a fun way to practice and strengthen voice at home, in the car, or anywhere you go. Originally designed for persons with voice weakness from Parkinson's Disease, this album is also appropriate for use post stroke and with older adults experiencing voice weakness or changes. Provides fun group practice. A user says: " I left my Songbird disc in Florida. Drat! I miss it and would like another. The one I'm referring to is the one on which you play the piano. I call it 'The Fun One.' It has glorious patterns which keep the beat as you change tempos." Elizabeth.

1.1 Introduction - Mary Spremulli, Ma, CCC-SLP
1.2 Mmmmmwaaah
1.3 Oh Me, Oh My, Oh No (Resonant Scales)
1.4 Happy Vowel Trails
1.5 Speech Sounds in Waltz Time
1.6 Diado Tango
1.7 Marco Vocal

Spremulli, Ma: Voice Aerobics Songbirds


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