Lyssarides / Fernqvist / Blixt: Better Place

Lyssarides / Fernqvist / Blixt: Better Place
Title: Better Place
Artist: Lyssarides / Fernqvist / Blixt
Label: Prophone
UPC: 822359002012
Genre: Classical Artists

The great pianist and acclaimed composer Joel Lyssarides releases his new album. "Joel's compositions are small masterpieces that he performs with a virtuosity and timing I haven't heard in Sweden for a long time, if ever," wrote Johan Norberg about pianist Joel Lyssaride's debut album, "Dreamer", which now has over 2.5 million streams on Spotify. The sequel is called "A Better Place", and is a place for talks with Esbjörn Svensson, Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett with comments from Bach and Rachmaninov. "The process around this album was significantly different from working on my previous record when I could choose from songs that I had years to write. Now the music was written over the course of hours for a few evenings. There is a magic in the moment when improvising which I have always found difficult to recreate afterwards. Now most of the improvisations that I have transcribed straight and recorded with the trio without further processing. You tend to make the best musical decisions when it is sharp, not necessarily at the desk where the time is unrestricted."


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Lyssarides / Fernqvist / Blixt: Better Place


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