Mullins, Lynn: Second Chance

Lynn Mullins: Second Chance
Title: Second Chance
Label: CD Baby

The youngest of three boys, Lynn grew up in a small town in central Minnesota. His grandmother bought him an old Sears and Roebuck acoustic guitar at a rummage sale. Lynn new at an early age what he wanted to do the rest of his life. While the other kids had interests in cars and sports, Lynn had his ear to the radio and stereo listening and studying 60's artists like Elvis and Rick Nelson and then came Neil Diamond, that was at the age of 14. Neil had a major influence on Lynns music. As years passed Lynn played in different local rock bands, but he always preferred playing solo. He started writing songs at age 15. Peer pressure and bad habits developed and the creative juices stop flowing. It would be 25 years before Lynn would start to write again. After losing his first wife he dealt with grief and depression. Then he fell in love with a lovely lady with three girls and his life was changed. Through her he found love, life and most of all he found Jesus Christ. For the past year he has been playing in local chuches and events and writing songs again. As a result he feels he has been given a 'Second Chance'. This CD reflects the different stages Lynn has gone throughin his life. The songs focus on relationships between man, woman, God and how your life can be changed. With his warm vocals and acoustic guitar he hopes to reach the hearts of those that are searching for the contentment that he has found through love and faith.

1.1 Searching for Answers
1.2 Love Is Patient and Kind
1.3 Second Chance
1.4 Breathe the Open Air
1.5 Dream of Change
1.6 At St. John
1.7 You Cried Alone
1.8 Morning Breaking
1.9 Had Nothing to Say
1.10 Calipso By the Sea

Mullins, Lynn: Second Chance

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