Pictus, Lycaon: Deviation Amplifier

Lycaon Pictus: Deviation Amplifier
Title: Deviation Amplifier
Label: CD Baby

A power trio made up of songwriter Aaron Diskin, producer John Morton, and drummer Simon Marcus, Lycaon Pictus' debut album 'Deviation Amplifier' is a showcase of Aaron Diskin's diverse skills as a songwriter. The songs move from being melancholy to upbeat, from absurdly funny to deeply emotional, simultaneously maintaining a sense of intelligence and simplicity. The band's sound changes as much as the songs, mixing up a rock n' roll bass guitar and drums sound with electronic beat programming and rich analog synthesizer sounds. 'Dare to step outside of the monotony of your everyday music collection. The imaginative basement sounds on this full-length release from Lycaon Pictus are a journey through dark free-form harmonies, gritty synth drones and thought provoking humor about the everyday workingman's grind through existence. Heavily favoring the keyboard throughout, this three-piece dwells at the depths of emotions musically, before transitioning into bass guitars and beat box rhythms at a moments notice. All the while, these guys have created a conceptual soundscape that keeps you in for the finale.' J.C. Carnahan, Impact Press 'This pro-wolf, anti-human synth-bass-drums trio keeps getting better - and scarier. Their new album features goth beatboxing, catatonic vocals, lyrics about cunnilingus, and a mantra-like theme song. Just listening to it could give you rabies.' Amy Phillips, Village Voice 'Brooklyn art-punks Lycaon Pictus once would've fit just fine on Ralph Records, though how their deranged dirges creepy-crawl though post-nuclear slime owes as much to Pere Ubu as to Tuxedomoon.' Chuck Eddy, Village Voice 'Lycaon Pictus offers an absolute alternative to the pedantic rockist tendencies clogging the ventricles of the city's overground music circuit.' Joshua Gabriel, Artrocker UK.

1.1 Lycaon Pictus Manifesto
1.2 Business Minded
1.3 The Assholes Leading the Assholes
1.4 Failure
1.5 Wicked Moj
1.6 From Your Lips to Mine
1.7 Rough Telephone
1.8 Marlene Says
1.9 Cock-A-Roaches

Pictus, Lycaon: Deviation Amplifier

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