Lux Divina: Walk Within The Riddle

Lux Divina: Walk Within The Riddle
Title: Walk Within The Riddle
Artist: Lux Divina
Label: Einheit Prod
UPC: 4046661490220
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal

2016 album from the Barcelona, Spain-based metal band. Lux Divina worked intensively on this long player expanding their original black metal sound with dark metal, melancholic rock, doom, progressive and avant-garde. The seven songs are a profound journey covering various emotions such as anger, nostalgia and melancholy, full of beauty and passion. Based on nature philosophy the music is an attempt to establish a critical distance to urban spaces and the insane spiral of destruction modern man has set in motion. Free from dogma, ideology and religion, this deals with the true freedom of man. Lux Divina has shared the stage with Ancient, Skyforger, Eïs, Nocte Obducta, Helrunar and Dordeduh and appeared on festivals such as the Dark Troll, Khaos Kvlt and Ragnarök. The band view Walk Within The Riddle as the doorway to a future without any creative boundaries.

1.1 The Hidden Treetops
1.2 Waters of Tomorrow - Woods of Yesterday
1.3 Saturnum in Aquario Ascendentem
1.4 Machiajolo
1.5 Deum Necavi
1.6 The Long Fingers of the Willow
1.7 The Oceans Are Bewitched

Lux Divina: Walk Within The Riddle


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