Lowest of the Low: Nothing Short Of A Bullet

Lowest of the Low: Nothing Short Of A Bullet
Title: Nothing Short Of A Bullet
Label: Sonic Envy

Originally released in 2002, Nothing Short of a Bullet documents the bands 2000 reunion tour. The tracks are takenfrom performances in Buffalo and Toronto over several dates throughout November of 2000. In a four and a half star review for AllMusic. Com Jason MacNeil said "After an indefinite hiatus, a series of shows in theToronto and Buffalo area in November 2000 sparked the resulting magic on this impressive live compilation. "The album also contains a studio disc with three new songs, two originals by the band and one cover of a Bad Religionsong. Ron Hawkins wrote one of the new tracks, "(These Are) The Lives and Times", while guitarist Stephen Stanley wrotethe other new song "New Westminster Taxi Squad". They each perform lead vocals on their songs. The three new songswould prove to be the last recordings with the original lineup as bass player John Arnott exited The Low in 2002. The original artwork for the album was created by drummer David Alexander while Alexander collaborated withbandmate Steve Stanley on the sleeve layout.

1.1 Motel 30
1.2 Eternal Fatalist
1.3 Gamble
1.4 Kinda the Lonely One
1.5 The Unbearable Lightness of Jean
1.6 Salesmen, Cheats ; Liars
1.7 Dogs of February
1.8 City Full of Cowards
1.9 Bleed a Little While Tonight
1.10 Gossip Talkin' Blues
1.11 Eating the Rich
1.12 For the Hand of Magdelena
1.13 Black Monday
1.14 Penedono's Hand
1.15 4 O'Clock Stop
1.16 Beer, Graffiti Walls
1.17 Rosy ; Grey

Lowest of the Low: Nothing Short Of A Bullet

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