Longshore: Myths And Legends

Longshore: Myths And Legends
Title: Myths And Legends
Artist: Longshore
Label: Warrant Music
UPC: 855925004462
Genre: Soundtrack

Continuing it's evolution, this album looks at the Dark Ages of the European Continent. It uses a myriad of midi and real instruments throughout a network of musicians across several areas and cities. The ideas are many and are intertwined influences of orchestrated jazz, classical, new age and rock. As a combined group not one composer is greater than another, hence this was a group collaboration and credited as such under the name "Longshore".

1.1 Crowns and Thrones
1.2 Dark Times
1.3 Henry's Prayers for Battle
1.4 Death of a Princess
1.5 Alfred's Wessex
1.6 Fallen Bretons
1.7 Hopeful Dinner
1.8 Arthur's Love and Death
1.9 Holy Mass for War
1.10 Dragons
1.11 St Cuthbert
1.12 Morgan Le Fay
1.13 Battle at the Wall
1.14 Richard the Lionheart
1.15 Robin and Marian
1.16 The River Thames
1.17 Voices in the Wind
1.18 War Is Coming

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Longshore: Myths And Legends


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