Local Villains: Long Ride

Local Villains: Long Ride
Title: Long Ride
Artist: Local Villains
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501350471
Genre: Rock

In July 2007, Local Villains traveled from their hometown Louisville, KY to The Church (recording studio) in Plymouth, MI with dozens of songs and an intense drive to create something truly great. For eight straight days the band worked with producers Robert E. Nelson and Ryan Hyland, narrowing the tracks to twelve and starting what would eventually become The Long Ride. Working from noon each day to the wee hours of the night, fueled by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Tequila, the Villains created the bed tracks for the album. Over the next three years and countless recording sessions with the band traveling thousands of miles back and forth to Michigan, the Villains found their sound and their songs. The Long Ride is a wild collection of styles and influences that, like the band's entire collection of music (which spans far beyond the album's ten songs), no one seems to be able to categorize or even describe cohesively. Local Villains are what a diverse music lover wants and needs...something truly original.

1.1 Pass the Bottle
1.2 Slow Down
1.3 Devil in Disguise
1.4 Long Ride
1.5 Second Revolution
1.6 Day in Day Out
1.7 Island Song
1.8 Blue Ring of Fire
1.9 Hey Now
1.10 One ; a Million
1.11 [Untitled Track]

Local Villains: Long Ride


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