Little Egypt: Crown Heights Affair

Little Egypt: Crown Heights Affair
Title: Crown Heights Affair
Label: CD Baby

Little Egypt returns with another banger!!! This time, they take you on an adventure like nothing else you've ever experienced. What would you do if you uncovered the answers to the world's greatest secrets and conspiracies knowing the Powers that Be would do anything to keep them hidden?? Go underground? Keep quiet?? Or bring it to the masses??? Your favorite crew from Brooklyn, USA introduces the world's first Hip-Hop, musical movie, The Crown Heights Affair featuring production by Visual Poetics, Chubb Rock & Carlito. Enjoy the Adventure! The Cast... TAAJWAR Nickname: The Ambassador Specialties: Infiltration, Impersonation & Disguise VISUAL POETICS Nickname: The Cleaner Specialties: Strategy, Planning & Evasive Driving FORGE Nickname: The Gardener Specialties: Combat Tactics & Forensics KHORDZ Nickname: The Gatekeeper Specialties: Surveillance & Electronics BRAVESTAR Nickname: The Pointman Specialties: Communications & Camouflage.

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Heist: Casablanca
1.3 Skit
1.4 Move and Stop
1.5 Skit
1.6 The Getaway
1.7 Skit
1.8 The Far East
1.9 Skit
1.10 Conspiracy Theory
1.11 Be About It

Little Egypt: Crown Heights Affair

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