Gravelle, Lindy: Music & Me

Lindy Gravelle: Music & Me
Title: Music & Me
Label: CD Baby

'Music & Me' is my newest album, released in 2012. It begins with a 48 second clip of my late Dad, Ron Leonnig, singing an old country standard that he recorded at home in 1975 called 'When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again'. My Dad is the reason I am a musician and singer; he taught me the basics of music when I was a kid and I wanted to pay a little tribute to him by including his voice on this CD. His recording kicks off the album and the title cut, 'Music & Me' is a love song of how I feel about music. From there, I have a whole lot of fun with each song, playing piano, electric keyboard and keyboard strings and accordion and singing all the vocals and background vocals. In fact, this whole album was produced by myself and one very multi-talented engineer, producer and musician, Matt Engle. Matt and I played all the instruments, with the exception of the drums, which were performed by a fabulous drum software program. I really allowed myself to stretch on this album by including some rock and roll tinged originals and a couple of 'bold' country/comedic songs! I hope the variety and performances speak for themselves and that you will enjoy listening to 'Music & Me' as much I enjoyed making it!

1.1 Music ; Me
1.2 Walkin' After Midnight
1.3 Fallin'
1.4 A Brand New Thrill
1.5 Till There Was You
1.6 Don't Pull the Trigger
1.7 Up Yours
1.8 Viagra in the Waters
1.9 Wag More, Bark Less
1.10 Tell the Ones You Love You Do
1.11 Heaven

Gravelle, Lindy: Music & Me

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