Purdy, Linda W.: Mostly Blues Songs for You & Me

Linda W. Purdy: Mostly Blues Songs for You & Me
Title: Mostly Blues Songs for You & Me
Label: CD Baby

I'm traveling in a new direction with this CD, but the kids will still love it while mom and dad are singing and dancing to these blues tunes. Jennifer Deckelman stars in I Got the Money, Tango My Blues Away, and ii V I: what a wonderful voice and talent! There's a special number just for the children: Super Mono Man, with Steve Krawczyn singing and playing the steel pans. We've found a home in Hawaii for part of the year, so here's Come Back to Kamuela to tell you what it's all about. John Mayeux not only sings but plays all the instruments except bass on this gentle Hawaiian tune. Celeste Krenz and Mollie O'Brien blend beautifully on the dreamy ballad Try. Jessica Moraton, Brittany Peattie and Lindsay Clemmons rock in Love Junkie! The final number is classic jazz, appropriately titled ii V I, if that's not Latin to you, you'll love it!

1.1 Old Lady Blues
1.2 I Got the Money
1.3 She Makes the Livin'
1.4 Super Mono Man
1.5 Missin' Barry Blues
1.6 Try
1.7 Tango My Blues Away
1.8 Come Back to Kamuela
1.9 Love Junkie
1.10 2 5 1 (Ii V I)

Purdy, Linda W.: Mostly Blues Songs for You & Me

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