Lichens: Symbiotic

Lichens: Symbiotic
Title: Symbiotic
Label: CD Baby

Lichens are a physical manifestation of ideas for or relating to oneness from twoness. They are a fungus, usually of the class Ascomycetes, that grows symbiotically with algae, resulting in a composite organism that characteristically forms a crustlike or branching growth on rocks or tree trunks. The Lichens are Ryan and Trevor Hobbs, the phycobiant and mycobiant respectively. Ryan is a whale talker and a fret walker who feeds off the sun. Trevor is a rythym maker and a gourd shaker who feeds off decaying matter. Together they pair like a 1969 orange tinted Framus and a 1958 reddish Gretsch bass drum. Symbiotic is a departure for the Hobbs brothers who for more than a decade have found themselves most comfortable within the confines of musty basements with cardboard walls and 9' ducts hanging overhead. This album is the transmigration of ideas on life and death, the circular reality in which all living things inhabit. It's a journey from the Earth to the Stars and back again, capturing moments in time and objects in space. It's a symbiotic life for the lichen in you.

1.1 Yet Thus Far
1.2 The Earthworm
1.3 Elderpass
1.4 Train Rolls on
1.5 Cold Ship
1.6 Orbiting Saturn
1.7 In This Space
1.8 The Entry
1.9 Light of the Golden Dawn
1.10 Whale Song
1.11 Symbiotic
1.12 -

Lichens: Symbiotic

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