Perez, Leo: Dreams of Wonder

Leo: Dreams of Wonder
Title: Dreams of Wonder
Label: CD Baby

LEO is a young pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist artist. LEO's music has orchestral and electronic elements using Piano as the lead instrument. His music is strongly melodic, theme driven and rich in arrangements. LEO's work resembles an adventure that transcends time, place, cultures and differences, inviting the listener to awake to other places, realities and questions. LEO's multidimensional field of work is wide and varied, although his style remains quite unique and strongly distinguishable. Be prepared for an experience always reminiscent of metaphors, imagination, voyages transcending borders, age and cultures. You will find LEO's music easily under categories/genres such as epic new age, a movie soundtrack, contemporary instrumental, neoclassical, classical or even world music.

1.1 Journey of Miracles
1.2 Piano Night Dance
1.3 Lifestorm
1.4 Pacific Sun
1.5 Until the End
1.6 Guiding Light
1.7 The Spirit of Freedom
1.8 The Whale
1.9 March of the Forest
1.10 Fiesta for Planet Earth

Perez, Leo: Dreams of Wonder

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