LB. Salt: Nothin for Nothin

Lb. Salt: Nothin for Nothin
Title: Nothin for Nothin
Label: CD Baby

LB. Salt was concieved in 1975 by David Bowen and myself, but wasn't born until 1980, when we released the single, Was It Something I Said, and Didn't I. Although we got significant airplay regionally, nothing broke nationwide. New Wave was just being born, and major labels weren't willing to take a chance on us. William Geer heard some of my songs, and signed us to his label, Blyss Records. The result is this (enhanced)CD, which consists of 10 songs,on 9 tracks, and 1 video: If I'd Shot You When I Met You (I'd be getting out by now) These tracks have been compiled from years of struggle and disappointment, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I like where I am now, and have discovered that if you hold on to your dreams, and rip the songs from your soul, life will take it's course. I have lived these tunes, and wrote them down. I hope they will help you realize, we've all been there. LB. Salt has opened for such acts as: Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Rare Earth, The Guess Who,and 4 dates with Mettalica. Thanks for listening. Danny L. Harrison.

1.1 Nothin' for Nothin'
1.2 I Won't Let You Go
1.3 If I'd Shot You When I Met You
1.4 I Got Over You / the Kiss-Off
1.5 This Is Forever
1.6 Bye Bye Baby
1.7 Let It Burn
1.8 One Night Stand
1.9 Goodbye Boodbye

LB. Salt: Nothin for Nothin

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