Brown, Kitty: Backyard

Kitty Brown: Backyard
Title: Backyard
Label: CD Baby

Versatile, Innovate, Creative, Singer and Writer Kitty Brown loved music from an early age. Raised on the east coast by her loving grandparents she was active in pageants and talent shows as early as the age of 4. She has written and performed professionally for Overseas audiences for over 8 years and is now releasing her first full album featuring her writing skill and the musical production talents of Sony 7-Mile member & 2llennium Entertainment Group Co-founder Luther 'Squeak' Jackson.

1.1 Kitty's Intro
1.2 The Backyard
1.3 Cut
1.4 Coldstone
1.5 Weeks Days and Months
1.6 Stilettos
1.7 Lil' Boy Blue
1.8 Dirty Laundry
1.9 Better Man
1.10 Intervention

Brown, Kitty: Backyard

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