Kite: Sleeping in Thunder

Kite: Sleeping in Thunder
Title: Sleeping in Thunder
Label: CD Baby

Kite's humble beginnings as a studio band in 1994 evolved into an ambitious touring act in the year 2000 and has since been offering up an intense, passionate and full bodied rock experience that critics have called "Awe inspiring!" Brian Tripplett, Eastern Washington University Review; "Powerfully expressive. Postitively riveting." John Collinge, Progression Magazine. When Monte Thompson (vocals and acoustic guitar), Michael Koep (drums), Mark Rakes (bass) and Scott Clarkson released their first album (Gravity, 1997) they didn't expect that the project would launch them into a ten plus year history of writing, performing and enduring craftsmanship. The trio has built a reputation for the care they put into their records and the concentrated force of their performances. Kite songs are in every way unique, important and substance driven. Like their fans, Kite endeavors for themes and melodies that inspire and move. And for their fans, they deliver.

1.1 Steer By the Stars
1.2 Fire Escape
1.3 If You Were Dead
1.4 Slant of the Sun
1.5 Sleeping in Thunder
1.6 Incineration
1.7 Everything Magic
1.8 Cons of Shade
1.9 Remains
1.10 Up to the Dark
1.11 Right Regret

Kite: Sleeping in Thunder

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