White, Kevin the Melvin Zax Orchestra: Long Days Passing Fast

Kevin White: Long Days Passing Fast
Title: Long Days Passing Fast
Label: CD Baby

Singer songwriter -- at various times sounding like 'Billy Joel' and 'Neil Young's' improbable child who was raised on 'The Beatles', listened to 'Steely Dan' a lot and grew up liking 'Tom Petty' and 'Sheryl Crow' ... This album has been professionally mastered and is completely comparable to the high fidelity found on commercially available CD releases. For best results, please listen to the samples in high quality broadband mode. To listen to high quality full length versions of these songs, please visit the artist's website (link located on left side of this page). ------------- A note from Kevin: Thanks for stopping by my CD page! This album was years in the making. I started recording it in my home studio roughly 1994. The first attempts at recording were admittedly ROUGH, and sounded a bit like cat's mating during a windstorm. Gradually, though, I got better hang of the process, and the quality of the recordings improved. Some of the songs included are older and some are recent. "Worcester Square", for instance was the first song I ever wrote on guitar - penned at age 18. "Like you do" on the other hand, was written just before this CD was finished. I attempted to make this CD a "reflective" body of work, representative of the changes in my writing over the years. In part, this is why I titled it, "Long Days Passing Fast". For as long as days seem while living them sometimes, the years fly by swiftly. The sound of each song, the pace of the album, is purposefully varied - ranging from the softly picked guitar of "Everything I need" (my most requested wedding song favorite), to the rockin' blues shuffle of "Feeling Low". I simply wanted to avoid the "sameness" of sound that dominates popular recordings today, and put together a collection of material that wanders through several mood changes - so though the album begins with the acoustic guitar/orchestral arrangement of "Real Life", the next song "Overtime" immediately uptempos the pace by launching into more of a straight Rock & Roll pop. "Shadow of a Dead Rose" continues the mood, but then gently slows with the wistful acoustic guitar story in "Worcester Square". The album was conceived as only the first 11 selections, but I thought it was a little short in it's runtime. So at the last minute, I added a couple of humorous selections at the end to extend the playtime. It's funny how things go sometimes ... "The Breakup Song" (originally titled "The Hate Song) - the dark sided humorous look at the OTHER end of a failed relationship has become my TOP downloaded song via the internet - It's my fear that couples (who no longer like each other much) have taken to emailing the tune to each another. My one solace is that the SECOND most downloaded/listened to song is "Blame it on the moon", a piano ballad which is a pure love story. I'm very pleased to share this collection of my works over the years with you. These were my first attempts at the recording process. I've improved in that regard, and I'm currently working on my next release, due (hopefully) sometime mid to late 2007. Best, Kev-.

1.1 Real Life
1.2 Overtime
1.3 Shadow of a Dead Rose
1.4 Worcester Square
1.5 Like You Do
1.6 If You Please
1.7 Everything I Need
1.8 Blame It on the Moon
1.9 Subtle Change
1.10 Feeling Low
1.11 Without
1.12 The Breakup Song
1.13 You Monkeys

White, Kevin the Melvin Zax Orchestra: Long Days Passing Fast

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