McCarthy, Kevin: Anchors Away

Kevin McCarthy: Anchors Away
Title: Anchors Away
Label: CD Baby

San Francisco based songwriter Kevin McCarthy has spent years creating and developing a unique style of songwriting. His latest album, Hiding In Plain Sight, is a significant leap forward from his 2003 record 'Anchors Away' which was released on his own Corkmusic label. Co-Produced by Stewart Meyers (Shawn Colvin, Jason Mraz, Lifehouse, Agents of Good Roots) and Produced by Chris Keup (Jason Mraz, Josh Kelley, Rachel Yamagata, Jonathan Rice), this record has been well received by listeners and critically acclaimed. This October Corkmusic released Kevin's second studio effort "Kevin McCarthy and Beautiful Loser; Hiding In Plain Sight". 'Hiding In Plain Sight' was produced by Kevin McCarthy, Jerry Becker (The Bittesweets, Rob Hotchkiss), and an eclectic cast of musicians whose technical and creative abilities are second to none. Kevin and Beautiful Loser met one fateful night last September to start and finish a 10 hour recording session that produced ten songs. With minimal editing and overdubs, their strong pop sensibility, and sounds drawn from a wealth of musical knowledge, this recording is vivid and full of life. Kevin's music encompasses many musical worlds, rooted in soulful vocals and driving instrumental passages. The emotional content of the lyrics and Kevin's vocal performance are matched by the technical prowess of his band. Discovering Artists 10.29.03 Kevin McCarthy: Anchors Away This CD has that soaring acoustic and electric sound with a feel of jazz and folk to it. McCarthy's voice is similar to Tom Petty or Eric Clapton's, and the sound is decently refined. 'Anchors Away' is a rhythmic work of genius with the silky riffs and his varied-in-tone voice. If you're looking for something semi-obscure and blatantly different from what you'll hear on the radio, McCarthy's album is undeniably worth checking out. Repetition is ongoing, lyrically, throughout the album, but it's the simple songs that make this collection so pure. His voice is smooth and the tunes are dreamy and undefinable as far as genres go, which adds to the album's appeal. Favorite Tracks: Anxious, Fate Rating: 4 stars Evolving Artists 10.11.03 Kevin McCarthy album entitled Anchors Away How often have you wandered into a tiny coffee shop to get your double latte with extra-extra sugar only to find another sympathetic guitarist in a dark corner that gives you more spiritual caffienation than your sorry money could ever buy? Well, if you're from the Northern Ohio region, it could happen to you. His name is Kevin McCarthy, and you owe him a tip. First track, 'Anxious', starts it off on the jazzy note, then switches it up the familiar, sensitive-male guitarist vibe, redeemed with a sleepy melody that's tranquil and calm, a blessing in a two-chord disguise. Next comes 'Rest Area'... not the strongest song on the album, but that doesn't mean it's weak.(I didn't quite feel the heart on this song, compared to the others.) None of this material is weak in the songwriting sense, credit due in part to his affectionate backing band and the high quality engineering of Stewart Myers and producer Chris Keup. Basically, this effort by Kevin McCarthy is palatable to anyone who devours meaningful, un-spoiled folk-rock music. 'Anchors Away', the title track, is the main course. Not often enough do I hear a song this easy to like: You hum along during the first listen, but that's not because it's redundant; it's simply haunting. One might find themselves shaking their head at their own lack of songwriting abilities (why couldn't you come up with that, Mr. Mayer?!) In essence, it's remarkable... The personal stand-out track on this 8-song debut CD is 'Fate'. It has that steel stringed, olde time feel to it.(think 'O' brother where art thou?'). Kevin sings 'Truth is, that word won't get me anywhere, truth is, I'm already there.' Honestly,'re damn close. Truth is: 'Anchors Away', if put in the right hands, will be the career starter this up-and-coming folk hero deserves. I give this album a 8 out of 10 on the evolution scale!

1.1 Anxious
1.2 Rest Area
1.3 Anchors Away
1.4 14 for Life
1.5 Fate
1.6 Get Free
1.7 Suburban Blues
1.8 Grandpa's Remedy

McCarthy, Kevin: Anchors Away

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