Keshvar Project: Relentless

Keshvar Project: Relentless
Title: Relentless
Artist: Keshvar Project
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884502774337
Genre: International

First and foremost, we are a band for dancers. American Tribal Belly Dance is an art form which can be executed against virtually any kind of music with a beat. And, while "traditional middle-eastern" music fits the immediate aesthetic, our sound is a World Sound mixing traditional melodies, rhythms and instruments with a heavy dose of our American roots. As members of Gaiananda, one of Cincinnati's original dance and music troupes, our foray into belly dance music began with an extended study of traditional Turkish, Egyptian and Middle-Eastern music. We were influenced in no small part by formative ensembles in the field such as Turku, Kafif & Raquy & the Cavemen. Becoming more familiar with the motifs of eastern improvisational music and with the musical requests of our dancers, we began to compose original music. Along the way we transformed ourselves into our current configuration of musicians and dancers and became the Keshvar Project. Today, the majority of what we perform consists of original compositions. This allows the band to fully explore the relationship between music and dance by aligning our compositions with the goals and intentions of our dancers. We create original belly dance music built upon a deep foundation of ancient rhythms and modern sounds. We are Midwestern students of middle eastern music, nurtured on a plethora of radio and record store skirmishes who are passionate about creating music for some mighty fine belly dancers. Keshvar Project - Ancient Art with a Modern Heart.

1.1 Sheesh
1.2 Relentless
1.3 La Bruja Roja
1.4 Malachite
1.5 Hafif
1.6 Layla
1.7 Quatro Nuevo

Keshvar Project: Relentless


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