Hensley, Ken: Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries

Ken Hensley: Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries
Title: Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries
Label: Hne

Five CDs. Although it's fair to say that Ken Hensley, as a musician, a songwriter and artist, is probably best known for the decade he spent in Uriah Heep, from 1970's Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble through to 1980's Conquest, as the band's keyboard and organist, guitarist, and often their principle songwriter, Ken has forged a varied and exciting musical career over the past 50+ years. Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries revisits two prolific years for Ken, with albums released in 2012 and 2013. CD One: Love & Other Mysteries is the result of three years spent in the studio, crafting an intensely personal album. CD Two finds Ken unplugged and at his very best. Recorded live at La Caja Negra, Las Cigarreras, Alicante in Spain on 20th August 2012, this great selection of songs captures the Heep years along with a tasteful selection from his solo career. CD Three and Four; In 2006 Ken formed the band Live Fire, providing his trademark keyboards, guitar and vocals, alongside Norwegians Ken Ingwersen, Eirikur Hauksson, Sid Ringsby & Willy Bendiksen, initially just to perform Ken's songs live. Closer in spirit to the classic, melodic hard rock of Uriah Heep, LIVE!! captures Ken Hensley & Live Fire on their 2012 European tour, at live dates in Switzerland and Germany whilst promoting Live Fire debut, "Faster". CD5: With a line-up completed by Roberto Tiranti on bass, Ken Hensley & Live Fire released their second studio record, Trouble, in 2013. With melodic hard rock pitched somewhere between Heep's Return To Fantasy and Sweet Freedom, Ken's trademark Hammond organ drives "Trouble" from opener 'Ready to Die' across ten tracks, concluding with the epic 'The Longest Night'.

1.1 (This) Bleeding Heart
1.2 Romance
1.3 (Please) Tell Me When
1.4 No Matter
1.5 Come To Me
1.6 This House
1.7 Walk Away
1.8 Eyes (The Girl In The Purple Dress)
1.9 Respiro Tu Amor
1.10 Little Guy
2.1 Intro
2.2 Free Me
2.3 Longer Shadows
2.4 The Wizard
2.5 I Don’t Wanna Wait
2.6 Wise Man
2.7 Through The Eyes Of A Child
2.8 Rain
2.9 Come To Me
2.10 There Comes A Time
2.11 July Morning
2.12 Slipping Away
2.13 Tales
2.14 I Close My Eyes
3.1 Lady In Black
4.1 Intro/Set Me Free (From Yesterday)
4.2 The Curse
4.3 Look At Yourself
4.4 Circle Of Hands
4.5 July Morning
4.6 The Wizard
4.7 Blood On The Highway
4.8 The Last Dance
4.9 Stealin’
4.10 Easy Living
5.1 Lady In Black
5.2 Rain
5.3 Gypsy
5.4 Love Machine
5.5 Ready To Die
5.6 Trouble
5.7 It
5.8 Todo Loco
5.9 I Wanna Go Back
5.10 Please Explain
5.11 You Will Always Be Mine
5.12 I Don’t Know
5.13 Dangerous Desire
5.14 The Longest Night

Hensley, Ken: Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries

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