Badassjackson: Good Looking Revolution

Kazell: Good Looking Revolution
Title: Good Looking Revolution
Artist: Badassjackson
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 643614820123
Genre: Dance

The story goes... i was born in Hollywood, California. I love California. My first memory is of myself talking to the disney stickers that were up on my wall when i was 1 year old. White walls. I am of armenian descent. I am a 5 planet gemini. I had my first understanding of passion when i was 2 years old. Where i was so overwhelmed with joy that i could explode, and yet could be equally as calm at the same time. Zero. Arms in the air. From that point forward, it was this feeling that i measured everything against. If an experience, person, or situation fell short of that feeling, then somehow, it wasn't right for me. i've spent my life learning, living, experiencing digging, delving, dealing, creating, destroying, laughing, crying, and definitely trying. I've found myself walking down many roads; i got stuck in some mediocre places and i got to hang out in some amazing ones. Always searching for that feeling. Searching. Then my ass wakes up. The feeling is me. It's easy to understand in theory. Difficult in reality. Hola. And bassassjackson was born. Who is badassjackson? good question. An idea. A dream. My dream. A desire to speak. To move. To absofuckinglutely EXPRESS.... it's me it's you it's freedom. I know i want to make music. I love music. A pure form of communication. I pull what i learned from the 12 long years of piano lessons that i took while kicking and screaming when i was a little girl, say a little prayer of thanks that my mom made me go, and sit down to write my first record. Arms in the air. The feeling is there. Exhale. Zero. It's electronic. Electric. Passion. Patience. It's the vibe... The moment. And all moments. It's love. Sex. ^#^faith. Fear. Truth. Shadow. It's a smile. A leap. The fall. Sorrow. Whatever you want. (what do you want?) it's the joy and the pain. Two halves of the same. It's the good looking revolution. Listen. Feel. Enjoy. Thank you. Xoxo.

1.1 Venice Dawn
1.2 Mispent Years
1.3 De Moma de (Inua Mix)
1.4 High Fashion Audio Movement
1.5 Witches Brew
1.6 Calling on My Roots
1.7 Don't Play the Game
1.8 The Look (Chris Lake's Dirt Breaks Remix)
1.9 Pixelised
1.10 Floating on Top
1.11 Time Factor
1.12 Le Fin Du Monde (Hiratzka Remix)
1.13 Basstrap
1.14 Orange Pub
1.15 Prime
1.16 Planaforma
1.17 Artificial Heart

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Badassjackson: Good Looking Revolution


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