Kay-Gees: Keep On Bumpin & Masterplan / Find A Friend / Kilowatt

Kay-Gees: Keep On Bumpin & Masterplan / Find A Friend / Kilowatt
Title: Keep On Bumpin & Masterplan / Find A Friend / Kilowatt
Artist: Kay-Gees
Label: Robinsongs
UPC: 5013929952522
Genre: Soul/R & B

2018 two CD set containing a trio of albums (plus bonus tracks) by this funk band. Kay-Gees were to Kool & The Gang what The JB's were to James Brown - namely, a spin-off group that was able to function as an independent entity and release albums in their own right. The group's name was derived from the initial letters of the band whose proteges they were, i. e. Kool & The Gang. Kevin Bell of the Kay-Gees is Robert (Kool) Bell's younger brother, and later on in his career joined Kool & The Gang. Robinsongs brings you the first three Kay-Gees albums - Keep On Bumpin' & Masterplan, Find A Friend and Kilowatt - plus four bonus tracks. The package includes all their R&B singles 'You've Got To Keep On Bumpin', 'Master Plan', 'Get Down', 'Waiting At The Bus Stop', 'Cheek To Cheek' and as a bonus track - 'Hustle Wit Every Muscle', which was the theme tune to the U. S. show Party. Also included on this package are two extended versions of the track 'Kilowatt' and the 12" mix of 'Cheek To Cheek'. The Kay-Gees had many of their tracks sampled over the years, including Kanye West for his album Late Registration and Dr. Dre who featured 'Who's The Man (With The Masterplan)' on his classic The Chronic album.

1.1 Get Down
1.2 Let's Boogie
1.3 My Favorite Song
1.4 You've Got to Keep on Bumpin'
1.5 Master Plan
1.6 Who's the Man? (With the Master Plan)
1.7 Ain't No Time (Part 1)
1.8 Wondering
1.9 Ain't No Time (Part 2)
1.10 Anthology
1.11 Hustle Wit Every Muscle (Theme from Party TV Show) (Original Single Version)
1.12 Find a Friend
1.13 Find a Friend (Prelude)
1.14 On the Money
1.15 Keep on Saying
1.16 I Believe in Music
1.17 Be Real
1.18 Together
1.19 Acknowledgement
1.20 Waiting at the Bus Stop
1.21 Inspiration
2.1 Find a Friend Cont
2.2 Thank You Dear Lord
2.3 Mr. Nothin'
2.4 S.T.P (Singing, Teaching ; Preaching)
2.5 Find a Friend (Conclusion)
2.6 Kilowatt
2.7 Kay Gee's Theme Song
2.8 Cheek to Cheek
2.9 Fat Daddy
2.10 Tango Hustle
2.11 Celestial Vibration
2.12 Kilowatt
2.13 Kilowatt / Invasion
2.14 Space Disco
2.15 Good Feel
2.16 Kilowatt (12" Mix)
2.17 Kilowatt (12" Extended Version)
2.18 Cheek to Cheek (12" Mix)

Kay-Gees: Keep On Bumpin & Masterplan / Find A Friend / Kilowatt


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