Kampe / Beethoven Orchester Bonn / Kaftan: Wum Bum & Die Damen Ding Dong

Kampe / Beethoven Orchester Bonn / Kaftan: Wum Bum & Die Damen Ding Dong
Title: Wum Bum & Die Damen Ding Dong
Artist: Kampe / Beethoven Orchester Bonn / Kaftan
Label: MDG
UPC: 760623214320
Genre: Classical Artists

CRASH! And BANG! And BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! Noise levels rise when four very-very-very special people get together to party. Gordon Kampe has illustrated Brigitte Werner's bestselling picture book WUM und BUM und die Damen DING DONG with the sound of music, and the interpretive contributions by the fabulous Sunnyi Melles and the spirited and vibrant Beethoven Orchestra of Bonn under the conductor Dirk Kaftan create magnificent, top-quality fun for young and old alike! The instrumentation of Kampe's score is highly original: pot lids and pieces of fabric, boxes and bottles, tin cans and balloons, and even a tuneful saw are deployed - a challenge not only for the two percussionists, whose arms and hands are kept more than busy. When the corks pop at the end, the entire orchestra is invited to join in the fun - with plenty of pep and pizzazz! However, before the two ladies scuffle with the two gentlemen, each of the four gets a chance to show her or his stuff. Mr. WUM raises a racket in his house, Mr. BUM turns his march music up to the decibel max, Ms. DING crams her hoard of cartons into the garbage dumpster, and Ms. DONG warbles her ditties from morning to night. Kampe characterizes his gang of four with plenty of respect and love for these protagonists, along with allusions from music history guaranteed to tickle our ears. Sunnyi Melles lends the characters dazzling appeal. Her fascinatingly versatile voice enables her to bring the picture-book heroes and heroines to life, each in her or his own way - and let's not forget the "Fly Poop at Four-Thirty." From "Lascivious but youthfully free" to "Tearily operatic," from "Super-marvelous" to "Indignation meets Bummsfallera," Melles in her speaking role and the orchestra quite evidently very much enjoy performing Kampe's score, to the delight of the many young participants from Bonn grade schools and to listeners everywhere!


Kampe / Beethoven Orchester Bonn / Kaftan: Wum Bum & Die Damen Ding Dong


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