Jyrki 69: American Vampire

Jyrki 69: American Vampire
Title: American Vampire
Label: Cleopatra

2021 release. Goth metal icon Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes prepares for international dominance on this brand new studio album, a follow-up to the widely praised solo effort, 2017's Helsinki Vampire! Mixing both cover tunes and original tracks, this album finds Jyrki teaming up with several renegade collaborators including fellow Fin Tim Skold (of the metal project Shotgun Messiah and industrial outfit Skold), Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, indie experimentalists Xiu Xiu, pop music queen Tiffany and many more!

1.1 Sexdrugsrockn'roll Feat. Shotgun Messiah
1.2 White Rabbit Feat. Steve Stevens
1.3 Dreamtime Feat. Rosetta Stone
1.4 Bite It You Scum Feat. Leæther Strip
1.5 American Vampire Feat. Skold
1.6 Don't You Want Me Feat. Tiffany
1.7 Decision Feat. the KVB
1.8 Deviant Carousal Feat. Xiu Xiu
1.9 Clover Feat. Youlooktired
1.10 Last Dance Not My God

Jyrki 69: American Vampire

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