Jump/Cut: Alias Men

Jump/Cut: Alias Men
Title: Alias Men
Label: CD Baby

Jump/cut covers a lot of sonic territory built on the electronica aesthetic while moving their vibe towards organic sound creation with vibrant effects and eclectic samples. Their 'organic electronica' melds a continuum spanning styles from drum n' bass, downtempo, breakbeat, ambient, dub, trip-hop and even modern jazz compositional ideas. The goal is to ignite live elements of electronica music that are usually lost in a robotic technical execution by creating interactive melodic atmospheres, deep oscillating bass lines and pulsating backbeat drums. 'jump/cut's soft and slightly experimental electronica starts with a jazz base mixed with more chilled beats and repetitive but compelling short note progressions ... constructed with ambient sensibilities punctuated dischordant interjections and way downtempo beats ... jump/cut's restrained but adventurous jazzbient, downbeated sounds are captivating and generate a mood that can be used for everything from relaxation to meditation to nighttime sexiness.' four and a half stars (out of five) - Kristofer Upjohn | raves.com.

1.1 Pools
1.2 Augmented Reality
1.3 Superior Conjunction
1.4 Intermission
1.5 Symphony Nine
1.6 Four Minds
1.7 K-Town
1.8 Solar Revival
1.9 Ohhh That
1.10 Bi Polar
1.11 Sleep Again

Jump/Cut: Alias Men

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