Jordan's Angels: Best Is Yet to Come

Title: Best Is Yet to Come
Label: CD Baby

Jordan's Angels Before they were 'angels' Beth Dierkes, Mindy Karper & Cyndi Limbaugh-Torres were friends. They started out singing and making music together with another friend, Jack Jordan, who was suffering from Leukemia. At Jack's funeral his friends got together in a corner of the funeral home and did what Jack had so enjoyed during the last year of his life; they played and sang. Music that celebrated God and the wonderful life that Jack had lived. As they left that place the notion came to them that others, like Jack, might be blessed listening to their music, too. So they packed up their instruments and began singing anywhere and everywhere people enjoyed sweet, simple music and kind hearts; glorifying God; in memory of Jack and becoming known as Jordan's Angels. Beth, originally from Illinois, Mindy, from Washington state and Cyndi, from Michigan currently live and perform in the Nashville area. They can be seen at area churches and bluegrass festivals.

1.1 He Said It, I Believe It
1.2 Life Is Like a Mountain Railway
1.3 Someday
1.4 Jordan's Angels
1.5 A Hundred and One
1.6 All This and Jesus Too
1.7 You Make the World Stand Still
1.8 Jesus Is Everything
1.9 The Answer Is Yes Lord
1.10 The Best Is Yet to Come

Jordan's Angels: Best Is Yet to Come

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