Smith, Jonathan Guyot: American Mountain Songs

Jonathan Smith Guyot: American Mountain Songs
Title: American Mountain Songs
Artist: Smith, Jonathan Guyot
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 827836027090
Genre: Folk

Ethel Park Richardson (1883-1968) compiled a book of American Mountain Songs, published in 1927, which led her to a lengthy career on network radio. Almost 90 years after these ballads and lyrical folk songs were gathered in Appalachia, Ethel Park (Smith) Richardson's grandson, Jonathan Guyot Smith, sings them just as they were taught to him as a child. They are very simple and straightforward renditions, with the focus entirely on the archaic lyrics and melodies. Jonathan Guyot Smith has been an actor, educator, composer, producer, and writer. This album marks his attempt to preserve the old mountain songs the way his grandmother found and sang them long ago.

1.1 On Top of Old Smoky
1.2 If You're Ever A-Goin' to Love Me
1.3 Blue Eyed Ellen
1.4 Barbara Allen
1.5 The Riddle Song
1.6 The Weeping Willow
1.7 Deep Blue Sea
1.8 Charmin' Billy
1.9 Sourwood Mountain
1.10 Ground Hog
1.11 Sinful to Flirt
1.12 Jimmy Randall
1.13 The Two Sisters
1.14 A Rich Irish Lady
1.15 The Mary Golden Tree
1.16 The Foolish Boy

Smith, Jonathan Guyot: American Mountain Songs


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