Wilson, Jon: Wilson, Jon : Cody Town

Jon Wilson: Wilson, Jon : Cody Town
Title: Wilson, Jon : Cody Town
Artist: Wilson, Jon
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 888174630199
Genre: Country

I was born in Wyoming and raised in a close-knit family where my mother instilled in me a passion for music at a young age. I grew up in the small western town of Cody, surrounded by the rugged beauty of Wyoming and the cowboy lifestyle of the American West. This upbringing and exposure to 'cowboy' music resulted in me developing a love and appreciation for traditional country music. I am a songwriter and this album was produced by my old friend Billy Anderson, at Gene Breeden Studios in Nashville, who has collaborated with me on so many of the songs I have written that have been recorded. The incredible vocals are from Jared Eaves of Nashville.

1.1 Goin' Back to Cody Town (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.2 Up in Yellowstone (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.3 A Town Up in Northern Wyoming (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.4 Hometown River (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.5 Dream Ridin' (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.6 Back to My Home on the Range (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.7 A Cody Christmas (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.8 Working Shift Work for Me (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.9 Goin' Home (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.10 So Many Years Ago (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.11 That Eight Second High (Feat. Jared Eaves)
1.12 Goin' Camping (Feat. Jared Eaves)

Wilson, Jon: Wilson, Jon : Cody Town


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