Johnny Cash: Sun Recordings: Greatest Hits

Johnny Cash: Sun Recordings: Greatest Hits
Title: Sun Recordings: Greatest Hits
Label: Time Life Records

After Johnny Cash left Sun Records, many of his recordings were overdubbed in different ways, with choruses, additional instruments, echo and applause added at various. However, as Cash proved during his later years, nothing beats the sound of Johnny Cash with just the simplest of backings. And so, for SUN RECORDS: GREATEST HITS we removed virtually all the overdubs, allowing the Sun recordings to sound exactly as they were first captured. It's a unique celebration of the beginning of one of the great careers in American music, and it's an amazing glimpse of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two in the studio a half century ago.

1.1 I Walk the Line
1.2 Guess Things Happen That Way
1.3 Give My Love to Rose
1.4 Folsom Prison Blues
1.5 Home of the Blues
1.6 Wreck of the Old 97
1.7 Next in Line
1.8 The Ways of a Woman in Love
1.9 The Hills of Mexico
1.10 Train of Love

Johnny Cash: Sun Recordings: Greatest Hits

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