Mizzoni, John: Originations 1

John Mizzoni: Originations 1
Title: Originations 1
Label: CD Baby

On these songs I'm strumming my guitar and singing along. I try to keep it musically interesting but I think it's really the combination of words and music that makes these songs special. Here's how I sum up the lyrical content: 1. Loneliness, 2. Finding a direction in life, 3. Childhood daydreaming of outdoor activities, 4. Rockin' my way out of a relationship, 5. Reflecting on a common object, 6. Reflecting on a romantic relationship, 7. Reflecting on the moments of life, 8. Spring and spring love, 9. Loneliness again, 10. Reflecting on how we look at things, 11. Enthusiastic and youthful romantic love, 12. Youthful romantic love put to the test of time, 13. Nunc est bibendum, 14. Trouble leaving romantic love, 15. Reflections on a life felt to be meaningless and directionless, 16. Unrequited romantic love, 17. An awkward romantic relationship, 18. Peacemaking through understanding, 19. Confused reflections. A whole lotta reflectin' goin' on, I s'pose. The following tracks are examples of Philosophy Rock: 2. Find a safe direction, 5. Keys (rock!), 7. 'Milleseconds' -- John Cage claims that a cough at a performance does not have to count as an interruption, it becomes part of the song. This is an ambient air recording, the different kids make noises, and people are talking, but that's OK, it becomes part of the music--and further, it fits with the theme of the lyrics. 13. Nunc est bibendum, 15. Reason in my life, 18. Try not to fight, 19. Writings.

1.1 'Cause I'm Alone
1.2 Find a Safe Direction
1.3 I Want to Go Fishing
1.4 It's a Mystery
1.5 Keys
1.6 Martinis for Two
1.7 Milleseconds
1.8 Misty Morning
1.9 Need Someone
1.10 Negatives/Positives
1.11 Oh Yes!
1.12 On and on
1.13 One By One
1.14 One Thing
1.15 Reason in My Life
1.16 There's a Reason... It's You
1.17 Too Much for Me
1.18 Try Not to Fight (Recognize Yourself)
1.19 Writings

Mizzoni, John: Originations 1

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