Roberti, Jim Band: Soul Kiss

Jim Roberti: Soul Kiss
Title: Soul Kiss
Label: CD Baby

Soul Kiss is the third release from Jim Roberti, a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Northeastern Pennsylvania. Soul Kiss departs from Roberti's first two releases, Blend (1999) and Maybaby (1997) in that Roberti assembled a four-piece band for recording, whereas on the previous two Roberti played virtually all of the instruments (except drums on Blend-Paul Cipriano). The result is a punchier sounding disc with some great performances by each band member. Recorded in Atlanta, GA and Allentown, PA the disc boasts 10 new Roberti originals. Among the highlights are Museum, If you Don't and My Time. Lots of backing vocals and some layered guitar tracks give the disc a very full sound, while Roberti's lyrics are familiar if not a little obsessed with the inner workings of the mind from the artist's perspective. Songs like Soul Kiss and Italic Dream leave the listener with an array of possible interpretations, while Shellfish, Salami touches on Roberti's pension for dark humor. Sand or Snow, Last to Remember, and If You Don't address the time-honored theme of hopelessness and helplessness in romantic relationships. Gary Wehrkamp, member of the prog-rock group Shadow Gallery and long-time friend/co-producer of Roberti's adds his acrobatic guitar style to give the otherwise radio-oriented songs an extra dose of musicianship. Kevin Leggieri, member of one-time Atlantic recording artist Solution a.d. and long-time friend of Roberti's plays seemingly effortless bass lines, forming a rock-solid rhythm section with drummer Paul Cipriano, a one time Berklee College of Music attendee.

1.1 Current Boyfriend
1.2 Museum
1.3 Sand or Snow
1.4 Last to Remember
1.5 Italic Dream
1.6 My Time
1.7 Agree
1.8 Shellfish, Salami
1.9 Soul Kiss
1.10 If You Don't

Roberti, Jim Band: Soul Kiss

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