Morris, Jim: Here Today Fiji Tomorrow

Jim Morris: Here Today Fiji Tomorrow
Title: Here Today Fiji Tomorrow
Label: CD Baby

Through a convergence of forces totally beyond my comprehension, I found myself flying to Nashville with Dave Murphy on a mission to record a CD project in three days. The plane landed at 12:15 PM on Monday afternoon and I was recording an hour later. On Thursday morning at 4:50 AM, we walked out of the studio with the project completed. Rejoice and hallelujah! This all had to do with a burst of creativity, songwriter's block, a broken recorder, a new recorder, ordered software, backordered software, wasted money, a severe sore throat, laryngitis and a generous offer from guitar player extraordinaire, Jamie LaRitz. As intense as it was, I never felt the least bit stressed or uncomfortable. I guess I've been doing this for a long time. Every time a good thing happened, a bad thing happened. Every time a bad thing happened, a good thing happened. So what have I learned from this episode? Life is so uncertain. Things change rapidly. Strap in and enjoy the ride. You never know, here today...Fiji tomorrow. Thanks again for everything you do.

1.1 Smiling Out Loud
1.2 Here Today... Fiji Tomorrow
1.3 Living on the Coast
1.4 Yankee Strangers
1.5 Little Bird
1.6 Beach Party Tonight
1.7 Mexican Jail
1.8 I Wish I'd Known Her Then
1.9 Turning Nights Into Stories
1.10 The Backroom at Bert's
1.11 Nonsense

Morris, Jim: Here Today Fiji Tomorrow

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