Boyer, Jim: Time Spent

Jim Boyer: Time Spent
Title: Time Spent
Label: CD Baby

Jim Boyer's hypnotic voice and his melodic tunes keep you mesmerized throughout this wondrous CD, 'Time Spent.' Jim has been captivating the crowd since he started his musical career as a vocalist in Cleveland, in 1984 at the age of 16. He moved on to New York, and was a busker in the East Village for a while then hitched to Flagstaff and hooked up with Cold Turkey, featuring Scotty Brownwood. 'Stranger Things' and 'No Question' were written during his days with Cold Turkey and 'Run Away' was written at the ripe old age of 14. Jim a prolific songwriter wrote all of the songs on 'Time Spent'. In 1989 he hitched to Portland, Oregon, where he met Billy Kennedy and Lynn Conover, which lead him into the roots of the Portland music scene, the Rounders (Steve Weber, Dave Reisch, Roger North) and the late great Jeffrey Frederick of the Clamtomes. Jim played with all of them and more, Tim Accot, Neil Gilpin, Sam Henry and Kevin 'Bingo' Richey. Jim and Bingo became 'Glowing Corn', a punk rock sensation that let it all hang out (circa 94-97). Jim and Dave Reisch started playing happy hour at the Laurelthirst on Sundays now known fondly as church by all attendees. Soon Bingo joined them on banjo, then Pete Crebbs came along playing washboard and this developed into the Freak Mountain Ramblers who have become a Sunday event in Portland, Oregon. The Freaks are now comprised of Jim Boyer, Dave Reisch, Alexander Browning, Roger North, Turtle Van Demarr and occasionally the legendary Michael Hurley sits in. Jim Boyer's magical voice and the sentiments of his composition will please even the harshest of critics on 'Time Spent'.

1.1 Heavy Boots
1.2 No Question
1.3 Road Sister
1.4 The Burn
1.5 Wishing Well
1.6 Run Away
1.7 On the Farm at 3Am
1.8 Sweet Wine Ragtime Bitters
1.9 Cookin' with Gas
1.10 Whistling in the Dark
1.11 Stranger Things
1.12 Three Sheets to the Wind

Boyer, Jim: Time Spent

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