Golding, Jenny Lynn: Jenny Lynn Golding

Jenny Lynn Golding: Jenny Lynn Golding
Title: Jenny Lynn Golding
Label: CD Baby

Make yourself at home in the music of the moment, of a love, of a lifetime. Jenny Lynn Golding's uncanny talent for molding simple lyrical and instrumental themes into a delicate, yet visceral sound suggests personal reflection; the result is a juxtaposition of resonance, words, and emotion that brings listeners to say 'I know she wrote that song about me.' Since her debut in Blacksburg, Virginia, Jenny's favor has spread among regional audiences in Virginia, New York, and her newfound home of Yellowstone National Park. Her self-titled CD, which emerged as something to pass among friends, has sold out and is now in it's second pressing. Dubbed 'reminiscent of the great Joni Mitchell,' by the Floyd World Music Festival, Jenny's contemporary folk style hints at influences from artists such as Dar Williams, Kate Wolf, and Nancy Griffith. The simple a cappella and hand percussion of You Can't Get There from Here tells a universal story. Written in a stick-shift farm truck, while running late and out of gas, 'behind the slowest guy in line,' Jenny portrays the urgency of life under pressure and the cathartic release of living in the moment. Save the World brings us back to the innocence of childhood and draws out the ideals that have perhaps been forgotten. Maybe Robert Fulghum was right; all we ever needed to know was learned in kindergarten. Including all original tunes written and co-produced by Jenny, her debut CD plays host to eleven regional musicians who added a rich layering of instrumentals and vocal accompaniment. 'She is such a strong songwriter,' notes Rick Krajnyak- sound engineer and co-producer of the album, ' that you can do a lot of things with her songs and not take anything away from them.' Regardless of instrumentation, the clarity and the message of each song shine through. From the aching When You Go to the funky groove and national steel guitar of Blue Moon, Jenny Lynn Golding's self-titled first album will surely be vying for airtime on your CD player.

1.1 Waiting
1.2 I Like My Life Just Fine
1.3 Cindy
1.4 I Need a Light
1.5 Put Out This Fire
1.6 Rocking Chair
1.7 Blue Moon
1.8 Washes You Away
1.9 You Can't Get There from Here
1.10 When We Waltz
1.11 Save the World
1.12 You'll Find Love Out There
1.13 When You Go

Golding, Jenny Lynn: Jenny Lynn Golding

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